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A Breed Standard for any dog breed is the essential guideline for breeders. The ABS Inc.  Standard for the Australasian Bosdog, formerly Australian Bulldog, describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance to ensure optimal soundness and fit for function.


New South Wales
Aladon ABs
Donna Spong
Allmac ABs
Allison Dane
 BnB ABs
Sandy Savage
Busbull ABs
Robyn Bussa
Bundybull ABs
Janice Evans
Daniel Eades
Glendale ABs
Kay McKrae
Impeccabull ABs
Kaye Ireson
Irresistabull ABs
Tony O’Grady
Jorjade ABs
Robyn Bunker
Jolly ABs
Holly & James Coupe
Strong ABs
Samantha Strong
Kazzabella ABs
Tracy Murdoch
TBon ABs
Thomas Vincent
Westmead ABs
Maureen Coleman 
Western Australia
Victoria  Aussie Haven ABs
Tracey Reynolds
Mooreabull ABs
Lisa Moore
Toncar ABs
Tony & Carol Douthat
 International South Australia
Calusabull ABs USA
Charity Boyd
KissaBull ABs
Julie Gill
  Pride ABs
Dan McKelliff