ABS Genuine 5th & Over Generation

The following photographs are of pups from several different litters and breeders and are 5th Generation or over Australasian Bosdog.

To be a GENUINE 5th & over Generation Australasian Bosdog any other breed, such as British Bulldog, would have to be as far back as the great great great grandparents for 5th. Buyers please be aware that ‘5th generation’ DOES NOT SIMPLY MEAN there have been five generations of dogs with AB papers.

See ANKC Regulations. The ABS Inc. only puts the genuine generation on its pup certificates. The ABS Inc. Management Committee would like to point breeders towards successful generational breeding of AB to AB, always keeping foremost in mind the ABS Standard, compatible lineage and overall health. Choose an AB that will complement your dog, so that the progeny will come further into line with the Standard, but also be encouraged to further the generation of AB to AB wherever possible.