Stud NT


When choosing a stud dog for your female it would be in your best interests to check the compatibility/suitability of the pairing with the ABS Breeding Advisory Panel.  Send photos of proposed male and female and copies of breed certificates to the Breeding Advisory Panel approved pairings will allow unhindered ABS registration of pups. 

Registered Name: Bul Bul Bomber
Generation: 4th
Hip Scored:  YES
D.O.B: 17/04/2011
Location: Darwin
Owners Name: Danielle
Email: Danielle




  Grand Sire: Red Ochre Bozo
Sire: Hanteb’s Titanz  
  Grand Dam: Shabeck Miss Piglet
  Grand Sire: Berts Winchester
Dam: Bailey’s Ridge Annie  
  Grand Dam: Jorjade Little Miss Peggy Sue

Registered Name: Cavendii Emmet
Generation: 4th
Hip Scored:  YES
D.O.B: 04/08/2013
Location: Darwin
Owners Name: Alex Tate
Contact: 0439 855 927
Email: Alex Tate




  Grand Sire: Banda Billy
Sire: Roshe Boss Hog  
  Grand Dam: Allmac Grand Entrance
  Grand Sire: Bundybull Big Al
Dam: Westmead Edlyn  
  Grand Dam: Westmead Tatum