Stud QLD


When choosing a stud dog for your female it would be in your best interests to check the compatibility/suitability of the pairing with the ABS Breeding Advisory Panel.  Send photos of proposed male and female and copies of breed certificates to the Breeding Advisory Panel approved pairings will allow unhindered ABS registration of pups. 

Registered Name: Barcaldine Reginald
Generation: 4th
Hip Scored:  YES
D.O.B: 29/12/2011
Location: Springsure
Owners Name: Tony
Contact: 0413 555 068
Email: Tony




  Grand Sire: Kinthala King Of The Jungle
Sire: Finefords Shrek  
  Grand Dam: Baystreet Princess Giru
  Grand Sire: Globull Lord Dadsmid
Dam: Westmead Gytha  
  Grand Dam: Benson Gucci

Registered Name: Bundybull Dragon The Great
Generation: 5th
Hip Scored:  YES
D.O.B: 26/05/2014
Location: Ipswich
Owners Name: Dan and Charman
Contact: 0439 676 773 
Email: Dan and Charman



  Grand Sire: Ausbull Halligan
Sire: Bundybull Big Al  
  Grand Dam: Bundybull Desire
  Grand Sire: Hanteb’s Grizzle
Dam: Strong Miss Moppet  
  Grand Dam: Rustyapple Beatrix

Registered Name: Aladon Cameron
Generation: 4th
Hip Scored:  YES
D.O.B: 13/10/2013
Location: Bundaberg
Owners Name: Donna
Contact: 0490 085 399
Email: Donna



  Grand Sire: Bundybull Foster
Sire: Forshyla Bam Bam  
  Grand Dam: Bailey’s Ridge Ruby
  Grand Sire: Globull Lord Dadsmid
Dam: Globull Osh Kosh  
  Grand Dam: Gr8mate Marley

Registered Name: Triton Zorro
Generation: 3rd
Hip Scored:  YES
D.O.B: 18/05/2011
Location: Brisbane
Owners Name: Ashley
Contact: 0437 533 014
Email: Ashley



  Grand Sire: Bronco of Steen
Sire: Bullsear Jatz Cracker  
  Grand Dam: Greenbank Winnie
  Grand Sire: Sudar Regal Ranger
Dam: Aignon Zinnia  
  Grand Dam: Jedi Lola

Registered Name: Noteabull Crank Case (Frozen Seamen Only)
Generation: 3rd
Hip Scored:  NO
D.O.B: 14/08/2006
Location: Brisbane
Owners Name: Robyn
Contact: 02 6721 5318 or 0427 854 695
Email: Robyn



  Grand Sire: Naketas Winston
Sire: Lawstock Awesome Lad  
  Grand Dam: Wingara Prudence Belle
  Grand Sire: Wingara Georgie Boy
Dam: Highlander Penny of Nimac  
  Grand Dam: Betty Boop of Yanco

Registered Name: Pride Jasper
Generation: 3rd
Hip Scored:  YES
D.O.B: 20/05/2017
Location: Bundaberg
Owners Name: Marlleen
Contact: 0427 989 533
Email: Marlleen



  Grand Sire: Jag Stud Master
Sire: Crackers Meatloaf  
  Grand Dam: Rosey From Boss
  Grand Sire: Kissabull Elijah
Dam: Jorjade Magenta Magic  
  Grand Dam: Jorjade Vivid Violet