Stud Book

These are all the forms you need to register your litter with the ABS Inc. Please read the Registration Rules very carefully before completing your forms and sending them to the Registrar.

PLEASE E-MAIL ALL DOCUMENTS OR POST ALL DOCUMENTS.  E-mailing then posting the originals is not necessary.

If you have any queries or have trouble downloading / printing them please contact the Registrar on:

Please use CHECKLIST on completion of documents prior to contacting Registrar.

As soon as your female has whelped please send off INTENTION TO REGISTER to the Registrar, so they can pass on your details to enquirers and confirm you are registering your litter with the ABS Inc. if asked. (This is not compulsory, just a service to breeders)

Given that the breeder has sent all details to the Registrar within a reasonable time-frame (allowing about two weeks is usually fine), registration certificates should be available for the
buyer when they pick up their puppy or very shortly thereafter.

Breeders registering their litter with the ABS Inc. need to be members of the ABS Inc. and a membership application form can be sent to you on request should you need one or you can download one from this web site.

If your bitch is definitely pregnant, feel free to contact the Registrar so that any enquirers for pups can be directed to you.  Also feel free to let your State Representative know when you have
a litter coming, so likewise they can pass on your contact details.

ABS Members can, at no cost, place pup photos and their contact details on our Face Book Page.