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“The very long term objective of the 

ABS Inc. has always been to have 

The Australasian Bosdog developed as a short faced, smooth coated, thickset,

medium sized, family friendly dog,

instantly recognisable as a bulldog type 

and suitable for Australasian climatic conditions, recognised as a breed by

the ANKC."


To this end, having met the lengthy criteria which Dogs Australia (formerly the ANKC) has established covering many years of records, The Australasian Bosdog application for recognition has now been officially accepted to the Development Register of
Dogs Australia.

The Management Committee is elected annually by its members, for its members. The Australasian Bosdog Society Inc. (formerly the Australian Bulldog Society) is the original incorporated, constituted, financially accountable parent body for this wonderful breed. Registering all lines – however this incorporated club only registers genuine AB to AB litters. The club is overseen by an annually elected Management Committee and State Representatives. In accordance with ANKC new breed regulations and looking to recognition by the ANKC, members voted in 2011 that the breed name THE AUSTRALASIAN BOSDOG be brought in. Trademark approved (TM1420254).

The Australasian Bosdog Society Incorporated is a unique incorporated body and is in NO WAY associated with any other bodies who certify ‘Australian Bulldogs’. Please do your research and look at buying only ABS registered dogs. We cannot recommend any AB not registered by the Australasian Bosdog Society Inc.


The ABS holds an annual Cybershow - open to all Australasian Bosdogs currently owned by financial members of the Australasian Bosdog Society Inc. The Cybershow is strongly supported by members and all entries judged anonymously using the ABS standard as a guideline. Prize winners receive Ribbons and Certificates, bringing the Cybershow in line with traditional shows - and winners announced on our facebook page. Members are invited each year to participate.


ABS Rescue & Rehome service is a not-for-profit offshoot of ABS Inc. that helps give ABs a second chance at life. Totally run by a small committed group of volunteer ABS Members, 100% of funds raised go directly to the medical treatment & rehabilitation of these dogs in need. To donate to this great cause, bank details are below:

ABS Rescue

BSB: 084-130

Account: 11568 5468

National Australia Bank



Monies to keep this dedicated team going are strictly from donations & the selling of ABS merchandise.


ABS Tshirts and caps are available for purchase to help support ABS Rescue. Please contact for more information.

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